A Few of Our DoubleTake Skincare Favorites!

imageHello Lovely Readers-

Today we wanted to discuss some of our favorite skincare items. We received great feedback on our beauty post from last week so we thought we’d try a second edition that’s more focused on our skincare products. We’ve used most of the items below for years and they are a must in our daily skincare routine. Here are the details:

Clarisonic Mia– A year or two ago we each splurged and purchased this amazing skin cleansing brush.  We both love how it is so easy to use and removes all the gunky makeup from our pores at the end of the day.  We have the classic version, but Clarisonic now also makes the Mia 2 which features a few more bells and whistles.

Purpose face soap – This soap is great at getting off face makeup, even eye makeup.  Instead of wasting expensive soap to get your makeup off, we suggest using this very affordable one as the first round of cleansing (to remove the grime) then follow it up with a pump of your higher-end cleanser.  The “good for you” ingredients of the 2nd cleanser can now penetrate your skin with the first layer of makeup being removed. Of course if you don’t wear much makeup to begin with, then this might sound like an unnecessary step.  But we find it very useful at making sure our faces are squeaky clean (in conjunction with using the Mia brush) and ready for application for moisturizer and night treatment in the evening.

Biore nose stripes – These beauties have been around for years.  We can’t imagine life without this clever little strips to remove those yucky blackheads we all seem to get.  If you are one of those that doesn’t struggle with them, consider yourself very fortunate!  For the rest of us, this $8 box of strips provides easy and thorough cleansing of dirt and impurities (they also come in a version for the forehead and cheeks).

Origins Clear Improvement Mask – This is a newer item in our beauty drawer. Even at 30, we both still have problems with breakouts. This charcoal mask from Origins is super gentle and non-drying, but provides calming and clearing of any blemishes that happen to pop up.  Unlike a lot of other acne masks, this one doesn’t leave your skin parched and cracked.

Mario Badescu Drying Cream – This is a great spot treatment for those of us that are sensitive to benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid.  This sulfur based treatment is great to put on at night time (it is a white paste, so unfortunately doesn’t work well for the day time).

Belli Spot Treatment – This is another great spot treatment that helps calm and prevent breakouts without the use of harsh ingredients.  It features colloidal sulfur, tea tree oil, and chamomile. It’s very affordable to, which we always like.  The gel absorbs pretty quickly, so works well if you want to wear under makeup.

For quick reference, we have provided shopping links below for all the products in our review today.  For more information about the skin and beauty products we reviewed last week, visit our post here.

Happy Saturday!