A Lime Safari with L…

Hi Lovely Readers~

Today’s look was inspired by my current love of lime, and summer skirts. I have to admit, this skirt is at least 7+ years old. I remember having it during college for sure… and I always hung on to it because it’s cotton, easy to wear, and it’s a good style for my frame. When we get asked for shopping advice, W and I also say fit is first! If it doesn’t work for your frame, don’t get it! Even if it’s on sale, or a current trend etc. The proof is that finding things that compliment your frame save you money down the road, since you can keep for them for years.

Each summer I find a different way to wear this skirt to make it feel new again. If I wear it to work, I’ll pair it with wedges and blazer. So just make a mental note when shopping, look for classic styles that work well for you… and it will keep your closet happy! šŸ™‚Ā 

What would you say is one of your favorite pieces in your closet that you have hung ontoĀ becauseĀ it works?Ā 

  • Skirt, The LimitedĀ 
  • Top, JCP (last summer)
  • Shoes, Jessica SimpsonĀ 
  • Belt, The Limited
  • Necklace, Dillards
  • Watch, Michael Kors
  • Bangle, The Limited