Casual Friday is back… with a touch of yellow floral!

Happy Friday lovely readers~

I’m so excited to be back to blogging after the week off for W’s baby’s arrival! It was a great, but busy week helping her recover and get situated back at home. She also has the most fun-loving, energetic 3-year-old (we call her Miss K here on the blog)! So, needless to say, Aunt Lindsay to the rescue! It’s great knowing your sister needs you. New babies certainly keep everyone on their toes. W is going to be taking off 6 weeks from work, so I will be doing the main part of blogging during this time. I’m going to miss having our twin powers when blogging, but she will be back before I know it. In the meantime, I’m going to mix in some product reviews and shopping posts of things we both love. Though I will be doing the tech part of the posts, she will still be adding her two cents. It’s a “doubletake” blog of course! ūüôā

We¬†appreciate¬†all our readers, and please feel free to comment at any time if you have shopping¬†questions¬†or suggestions of new things you’d like to see on the blog. We also created an easier to way for you to browse W’s maternity outfits (see the new link on right sidebar of our website). ¬†

Today’s outfit combination is an easy one: leg-lengthening denim + lightweight wrap top + pearl baubles = simply chic and comfortable!

P.S. For those readers that are new to our blog, our daily pics are taken my husband.¬†Photography¬†is something he enjoys a lot, but it isn’t his profession. Thankfully he enjoys the extra time we get to spend together trying to get our outfit pics. ¬†Also, we do have photoshop at DTG headquarters, but we don’t really know how to use it (It’s HARD!). ¬†Hence the fact that we don’t ever alter our outfits/pics unless we are trying to salvage a particular picture that had poor light. Other than that, we are good to go. So, yes, the make-up etc. is just what we wear day-to-day. Maybe it’s all the years in classical ballet and retail, or just our love of trying new beauty products…

The last pic today has some interesting lines going on in the denim. But, as much as I’d like to use the magic wand tool and make it disappear, a) that wouldn’t be truthful to readers, and b) I don’t know how.

So DTG readers, that is just a little bit of how things work around here in doubletake land. We want to be honest with you because our mission is to help you achieve your own realistic, affordable personal style.

We hope everyone has a great Friday! 


  • Top, Loft (a cheery tank, similar print)
  • Necklace, The Limited
  • Denim, Loft (similar)¬†Use code ONSAVE25 for 25% off!
  • Shoes, Gianni Bini¬†
  • Watch, DKNY