Designer Secrets | How We Buy Our Tory Burch Items For Less

Happy Tuesday!! As style and designer deal bloggers, one of the most asked questions we get is how do we do find deals on the items in our purse and shoe collections. Well in today’s post we are spilling the beans on a tip we’ve yet to share!

Right around the time we started we discovered a brand of bags, shoes & accessories that we now love to collect: Tory Burch! Tory Burch’s timeless yet on trend designs coupled with high quality leather {not to mention her iconic gold logo} has made us the biggest + loyal fans ever since.

So after a year of narrowing down my “dream” bag, I finally settled on this stunning purple Robinson satchel bag! But there was one issue: I didn’t have the funds to pay the full retail price. A few months passed and it sold out as all good things do and I was so bummed! However, Linds and I were talking one day and she said why don’t you check eBay? So I went to eBay and sure enough there was a brand new purple Robinson bag with tags – and it was 40% off the retail price! I couldn’t believe it. It was my lucky purse day! A week later, my vibrant bag arrived and I was officially an eBay fan for life. Here is a look at my first unicorn bag!

It may sound funny, but we have eBay to thank for helping us start our purse collections while on a budget! To this day I still get the biggest smile when I use this perfectly purple tote bag. I had to get a photograph of it to show you all! So the long story short, Linds and I are always browsing eBay for designer finds. If there’s one tip we have to pass along to our fellow Tory Burch fans it’s to always check eBay first! You never know what kind of amazing deal you will find.


10 Reasons Why We Love Buying Tory Burch Items On eBay

1. Variety – With more than 60,000 current Tory Burch listings, there is an item for any budget and style. Click here to start shopping the current Tory Burch Event!

2. Seasonal Items – Did you know brand new styles often make it to eBay before some department stores? We also recommend browsing the new arrivals each week.

3. Sold Out Items – Did you miss out on a Tory Burch brand item months or even years ago? eBay is the best chance for you to find it! I had searched high and low for a pink Fleming bag a few years ago and finally a brand new one popped up on eBay. I was so excited!

4. Authenticity Guarantee – Did you know that eBay offers an authenticate program for select sellers that have opted in? You can find out all about their authenticity program and money back guarantee here.

5. Free Shipping – There are more than 20,000 of the current Tory Burch items listed right now that ship for free! Start shopping the fabulous Tory Burch event here.

6. Buy It Now Option – We think people often don’t realize that eBay offers over 1 million Buy It Now listings. You don’t have to participate in an auction to get a great deal. For example I was able to score a brand new Gemini wrap bracelet for 40% off retail without having to wait for an auction to complete. It arrived in three days too for FREE! We show a photo of it later in the post. It’s so cute!!

7. Return Option – There are so many sellers on eBay that offer free returns. When checking listings for what you want to buy, simply select the “returns” option if this is something important to you.

8. Seller Ratings – Did you know eBay provides selling ratings and reviews? This allows us to confidently shop for designer bags from the best sellers without a worry.

9. Money Back Guarantee -Another reason we can confidently shop on eBay is because they have a fabulous money back guarantee. If what you purchased doesn’t arrive or doesn’t match the description provided by the seller, then eBay will give you a full refund.

10. Price Match Guarantee – Did you know the eBay Price Match Guarantee promises if you find a product in eBay Deals for less at select competitors, eBay will mach the competitors online price. See more info here.

So now for a bit about today’s sister style looks showing off some exact Tory Burch bags that are available on eBay right now for less then retail + free shipping! Yes, you read that right!!

designer-deals-tory-burch-for-less-ebay-the-double-take-girls-style-blogShop Lindsay’s Look: Tory Burch Fleming Bag // Gingham Jacket // Similar Shirt // Denim // Shoes

We are both wearing the iconic Fleming bag in the small size. This bag features diamond-stitched leather, a removable tassel and a chain link strap that can be worn short or long. It’s the perfect small crossbody bag!

Shop Whitney’s Look: Tory Burch Fleming Bag // Pink Blazer // Top // Denim 

Whitney’s shade is called “new mink” and is the perfect neutral. The bag color that I’m wearing is called “red volcano”. We can’t recommend this style of bag enough! You can click here to shop Lindsay’s bag and here to shop my bag or simply click the photos in the widgets above.

best-deals-tory-burch-ebayDid you know that eBay has over 1 billion listings at any given time? More than 80% of the items also offer a Buy Now option which we love! We actually just ordered a new Tory Burch item last week to show you all how amazing the process is!

Step 1 – Searched for the type of item I wanted {Tory Burch Gemini bracelet}
Step 2 – Narrowed down the search criteria with Buy It Now and 3 Day Shipping options
Step 3 – Decided on the exact item I wanted based on price
Step 4 – Clicked “purchase” and automatically paid with my Paypal account
Step 5 – Voila!! The item arrived in three days just as promised! It was perfect condition and even came with a logo box!

designer-deals-tory-burch-for-less-ebay-the-double-take-girls-style-blogHere’s some of the top Tory Burch item categories that we keep an eye on each week. You never know when a sold out color or great deal will pop up!


York Tote Bags

Parker Collection Bags

Perforated T Bags –

best-deals-tory-burch-ebayGemini Bags


Fleming Bags

Now for the best part! In honor of eBay helping us save money on our designer bag collections we want to help a fellow purse lover do the same thing. We are giving away a $100 eBay gift card {please note this is purchased by us and not sponsored by eBay} to help you find the perfect designer bag!

To Enter: Simply leave a comment below and tell us what kind of bag or other designer item you would purchase on eBay if you won. We can’t wait to read all of your responses.

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog today to hear our secret for finding new Tory Burch items for less. Don’t forget to shop eBay’s curated collection of brand new Tory Burch items that are up to 30% off here.

P.S. Our giveaway runs 2/13 – 2/20. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on this post and social media. Good luck!

Photos by Logan & Maddi Magill 

Thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% our own. 

















  1. Mary Ellen
    February 13, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    Would love that small Fleming bag! It is beautiful!!

  2. Joy Callaway Thompson
    February 13, 2018 / 3:26 pm

    Thanks for all of your tips and inspiration!

  3. Danielle Pepping
    February 13, 2018 / 4:07 pm

    I would purchase a pair of Tory Burch miller sandals on eBay? They are my favorite sandals in the world!

  4. February 13, 2018 / 4:20 pm

    I didn’t know you can find authentic designer bags at Ebay! Heading over there now! Thanks for the tips!

    Belle |

  5. Nimi Keating
    February 13, 2018 / 4:23 pm

    This was such a great blog post! I’m scouring eBay right now! I’ve had my eye on a Fleming bag forever, but as a medical student, I don’t exactly have designer funds built into my student loans! Crossing my fingers I find the perfect one soon!

  6. February 13, 2018 / 5:37 pm

    First, this is the perfect wall for your outfits. Loving all the colors. Second, I never think to buy designer on eBay because I’m not sure it can be trusted, but you’re making me think otherwise.

  7. Angelica
    February 13, 2018 / 7:47 pm

    First of all, I love all the sale secrets that you share ? I’ve been an eBay lover for a while because I always find great deals for the perfect designer handbags and shoes.

  8. February 13, 2018 / 10:08 pm

    That purple Tory bag is amazing!! I need to get that! I’ve never seen a bag like that! Love it!

  9. Sara Pickle
    February 14, 2018 / 12:50 am

    I would love any bag by Tory Burch!! ❤️

  10. Annamaria
    February 14, 2018 / 1:00 am

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    February 14, 2018 / 1:19 am

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  12. Anne
    February 14, 2018 / 1:27 am

    I would love that Fleming bag! Not sure if this would qualify, but definitely looking for some old style Reva flats with the elastic back. Thanks for sharing the tips!

  13. Natalie Estes
    February 14, 2018 / 1:37 am

    I would buy a Parker tote! I love how classic it is. ?

  14. Natalie Estes
    February 14, 2018 / 1:37 am

    I would buy a Parker tote! I love how classic it is. ❤️

  15. Natalie Wilson
    February 14, 2018 / 2:23 am

    I would love to buy a Fleming bag!! Beautiful!!

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    February 14, 2018 / 2:28 am

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    February 14, 2018 / 3:00 am

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  27. February 14, 2018 / 5:59 am

    I actually don’t own any Tory Birch bags which is tragic but kids so I would be one happy woman I love your purple Robinson bag that’s just amazing that color is fantastic! I really love the Fleming bags I’d definitely get one if I was lucky enough to win the Are beautiful!! Love your taste as always!! @Melisastephens

  28. Rosa R.
    February 14, 2018 / 6:05 am

    I’m so torn between a Parker tote or Fleming bag lol

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    February 14, 2018 / 7:31 am

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