The Double Take Girls Turn 4 | + 10 Things About Us

Eliza J dresses spring 2016

We can’t believe it – but it’s our FOUR year bloggivesary! Thank you so much for stopping by our blog today to help celebrate with us! We thought it would be fun to share ten things we often get asked plus a few little takeaways from a blogging perspective. Here we go!


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1. How tall are you?

Lindsay is 5’5″ / Whitney 5’6″

2. Do you have any kids?

Yes! We each have daughters and love them so much!! Lindsay has a two year old / Whitney has a three and six year old. They keep us on the move!!!

3. Are you all really best friends?

Yes! We’ve been best friends since we can remember. We shared a bedroom growing up and have always been very close. While we attended different colleges (minus our freshman year) it was nice to be in new circles but we definitely missed getting to see each other and hang out on a regular basis.

4. Do you do each other’s hair and makeup?

We’ve actually never done each others hair or make up. However that’s about to change since we are starting a YouTube channel! Definitely stay tuned for when we have our first video live later next month. We are so excited about it!

5. Who is the more organized sister?

Hands down, it is Lindsay. She has loved to organize and declutter since she was a little girl. If you need a closet organized, she is the one to call! 😉

6. What are your favorites places to shop?

There’s so many places that we enjoy that it’s definitely hard to narrow down. But we definitely love Loft, The Limited, Ann Taylor, Tory Burch, Nordstrom, Dillards, and Sephora. It seems like these days we mostly shop online because everything is pretty busy our girls and day jobs.

7. What is your favorite mascara?

Lindsay – Tarte
Whitney – Too Faced

8. How do you juggle blogging with full time jobs?

This is actually a great question. We have very supportive husbands and our mom is very helpful too. She loves our blog and is our biggest cheerleader.

9. What’s your exercise routine like?

Lindsay – Yoga, barre and weights
Whitney – Barre classes, yoga and weights with a little running thrown in.

10. How close together do you all live?

We live only a mile apart! We are so lucky!

To celebrate our anniversary we thought it would be so fun to head to our fave local park and have some sister time. Aren’t these two piece sets from Eliza J so gorgeous!?! We love this dress brand sooooo much and can’t get over the details and quality of each of their pieces. If you are ever looking for a dress for a party, wedding, church event, or just want to feel extra girly – this brand has something for you! Make sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram too!

Thank you so much again for sharing this fun day with us! Please leave a comment below about what you would like us to add or continue featuring. We love feedback!

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  1. April 10, 2016 / 12:52 pm

    You two are beautiful inside and out! Happy Blogiversary girls!!! Wishing you continued success !!!!