Double Take Hair Secrets | T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Review

t3 review featherweight luxe 2i
t3 featherweight hairdryer review

Happy Wednesday! We hope you’re having a great week! Today Whitney and I are so excited to share a new beauty review! While we love sampling new makeup and such, it’s always so much fun to add new hair tools to our beauty must haves! Today’s post is all about an item that has worked its way into our top must have beauty tools. Without further ado, today’s post is all about the t3 featherweight 2i Luxe hair dryer!

After seeing several blogger faves use this dryer last year, we knew it was a must try! Whitney purchased the travel size of this dryer right before fashion week. She’s since raved about it and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the full size version.

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The featherweight luxe 2i is a high-performance dryer powered by T3 Tourmaline® SoftAire™ Technology plus an ion generator for speed drying and healthy styling. After the very first use, I noticed a huge difference between my old hair dryer (not a t3). I’ve recently been dealing with hair loss thanks to thyroid issues and super paranoid about washing and drying my hair. Can anyone relate?! So, after the first dry, I was relieved to see how quickly it dried my hair while being gentle. This set from Sephora also comes with a special brush that helps dry your hair even faster while providing volume.

Other features include two speeds and three heat settings to provide greater styling versatility for all hair types and styles. Plus, it has cool shot button so you can set your style with a blast of cold air, yay! This is especially important for us, as having such long hair that’s actually naturally curly.

During our hair research over the years, we realized that other dryers use a chaotic type wind-flow and high heat, which can damage the cuticle and cause split ends and frizz. So one of the biggest things we really love about the T3 Featherweight dryer is that is uses a “specially designed fan that generates a high volume of air and weaves it through the dryer at a soft, gentle speed, enriching it with negative ions and far infrared heat.”

I’ve also noticed how easy it is to hold thanks to the ergonomic slant handle to help alleviate straining your wrist while drying. It also has a weight-balanced design and quiet operation so you can dry your hair any time of day.

We can’t argue with the benefits and reviewer love shown for it on, as it is a winner of two 2013 Allure Best of Beauty Awards for Best Blowdryer and Best Breakthrough. P.S. Don’t forget that this dryer set comes with a two-year warranty for comprehensive coverage and support options. We know you’ll love it!


P.S. This is not a sponsored post. We want to thank T3 for sending us this hairdryer for review. All opinions are our own. 🙂