Double Take Tutorial | Side Swept Curls With Mini Braid

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Hair: Sultra // Lips: Too Faced // Necklace: Kendra Scott // Skin Care: Clarisonic

Hello lovely readers~

Today we are excited to bring you our first hair tutorial! W will show us how she fixes her hair with side swept curls with a mini braid. Our secret tool is the amazing Sultra bombshell curling rod. It’s a fabulous time to add this tool to your beauty arsenal – it’s available for $99 + free shipping (that’s over $30 off!). And, our fav makeup tool is this set of beauty blenders (on sale.)

Step One: Spray hair with aresol hair spray and brush through. (We use John Freida) Part hair on the side, and you’ll work with the hair in about 8 small sections to curl.

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Step Two: Curl hair one section at a time, curling about 3/4 of hair around the rod. You will hold the last 1/2 inch of the ends with your finger. Note, the Sultra curling rod we use does come with a protective heat glove. We’ve been using this curling rod for over 3 years so we know how not to burn our fingers. 🙂

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Step Three: On the right side of your parted hair (since W has her hair parted to fall to the left), grab a small section of hair and seperate into 3 smaller strands. You will braid this section to the end and then “pancake” it to make it wider/flatter.

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Step Four: Bring your small braid around and start rolling hair up and into the braided section to take it across to the other side. Secure with bobby pins as your roll. All your curls will comes around now to the left shoulder, as seen on W. This is also a great style to do on non freshly washed hair in case you have to go a few days between washings. Hope you enjoy this little tutorial! Feel free to email us with any questions at

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