DoubleTake Makeup Monday: LORAC Pro Palette


W here to share something I recently added to my “wants” list.  I love all things makeup and always find myself browsing for new items to create fun looks and/or quicken up my “prettifying” routine in the mornings. While I was browsing some recent video tutorials, I noticed this palette was the go-to item for a new blogger I’ve been following lately.  Cara of (you must check out her picture and video tutorials – they are awesome!!) uses this palette to create amazing looks, from everyday natural to looks copying Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian.  So while my makeup counter is pretty full of plenty of great shadows and combo sets that I love, this is one that I feel very compelled to purchase due to the fab reviews and versatility showcased in Cara’s makeup videos.  I plan to head to my local Sephora store sometime this week to pick it up.  I will report back next Monday on my thoughts!
Happy Monday!
P.S. Here are some of our other all-time favorite makeup items!