Huge Tory Burch Miller $50 Off Promo! Classic Colors & More Included


Happy Weekend!

We are so excited to share that a brand new & fabulous Tory Burch Miller Promo just started!! You can now get more than 10 colors of Miller sandals {even including always excluded colors like black patent, sand patent, vachetta, etc} for $50 OFF + FREE shipping with code “JUST4U” at checkout!! Here are all the colors included below!

**UPDATE {6pm CST 5/13}: Neiman Marcus has pulled many colors of the Miller sandals and all Minnie flats from their promo. It was supposed to go until 10pm CST tonight. We are so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, but of course we have no control over promos. **There are still several colors of Miller sandals included though including blue, chocolate, white & metal logo, red & metal logo and bright orange red. Kira bags are still included too!**

As a reminder the code JUST4U ends tonight at 10pm CST. All eligible items will have pink text under it that says $50-$200 off if they are eligible.

NOTE: You must add this washcloth or mug to get the code to work!

1. Makeup // Shop HERE

2. Black patent  // Shop HERE

3. Sand patent // Shop HERE

4. Black Leather // Shop HERE 

5. Vachetta // Shop HERE 

6. Rose gold // Shop HERE

7. Gold // Shop HERE 

8. Orange red  // Shop HERE

9. Blue // Shop HERE

10. Tropical floral  // Shop HERE 

11. Metal logo {tan / black} // Shop HERE 

12. Metal logo {red / white} // Shop HERE 

13. Chocolate // Shop HERE


Shop Black & Tan Patent HERE (one of our favorites because the patent wipes clean!)

*This code could stop working at anytime on these colors are always excluded so definitely do NOT wait to checkout!!!  

**ALSO you can get $100 off two pairs of sandals – just make sure to put two washcloths in your cart. You can also save $200 off $800 if you want to purchase a bag and shoes together. 

Here are some other beautiful colors included!

Chocolate Leather (pairs perfectly with LV bags! ) // Shop HERE

Shop Rose Gold HERE

Shop Black and Vachetta HERE

Shop Makeup Color HERE


Logo Miller Sandal // Shop HERE

White Logo Sandal Shop HERE

Gold Miller Sandals // Shop HERE

Chocolate Miller Shop HERE

*Remember to add one of the items below so that you cart is over the $200 for the code to work!


We are also so excited that these Kira bags and Minnie flats are included too!

Kira bags

Minnie flats


We hope all you enjoy this amazing Miller promo! Please leave us any questions below! For us they do run true to size, but if you are between sizes then we suggest sizing up.


Lindsay & Whitney


  1. Sherry Boenig
    May 13, 2019 / 2:52 pm

    Do you have the leopard

    • The Double Take Girls
      May 13, 2019 / 2:53 pm

      Yes, we both have the leopard ones as well. They hold up well and are true to size. 🙂

      Lindsay & Whitney