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kate-spade-new-york-make-it-mine-byrdiekate-spade-new-york-make-it-mine-byrdiekate-spade-new-york-make-it-mine-byrdiekate-spade-new-york-make-it-mine-byrdiekate-spade-new-york-make-it-mine-byrdieHappy Monday!  Today we are so thrilled to share the most fabulous invention of a bag EVER! So you all know that we are major fans of all things kate spade new york.  The brand’s modern yet timeless styles plus whimsical prints and girly colors always have us coming back for more. However, the new “Make It Mine” collection is a total game changer! This newly designed group of convertible bags means one purse has nearly endless options.


We decided to take our Make It Mine Byrdie bags out for a spin last week. The weather was perfect and made for a great sister afternoon of chatting. As twins, we get asked a lot of questions. So before sharing all about these oh so cute bags we thought it would be fun to list a few of the questions Lindsay and I get asked the most often:

1. How far apart are we?

We are 6 minutes apart. I was born first. We were born very prematurely and had to stay in the hospital for weeks. Lindsay was actually so sick that she was taken to a different hospital for intensive care. Thankfully we had no issues after that first month or so. But it certainly makes us even more grateful for each other!

2. Do we share clothes?

We love sharing accessories, jewelry and purses. But since we have similar tastes, we often find ourselves buying the same thing. We do wear one size different in shoes and clothing {I’m also an inch taller than Linds} so that means we definitely end up with lots of duplicates. You should have seen our closets when we lived in a dorm together. HA!

3. Have you ever switched places?

Yes! In grade school there was a time or two that we switched places. Our teacher didn’t know for the whole class! But it was the laughing of all the kids in class that gave us away. In college we decided to switch places on a double date with some friends. We actually kept up the charade the whole night! At the end of the evening we told the two guys that we had actually traded places. They were super embarrassed! We felt so bad and promised each other we wouldn’t switch places again. However, we did get lots of laughs out of it!

4. Do you all like the same activities?

Yes we do! Growing up we did classical ballet and other dance forms, as well as played tennis, soccer and track/cross country. We definitely loved dance and running the most. In college we even made the Varsity cross-country team! It was such fun to run and compete on the same team together. After graduation, we continued to run but found enjoyment in practicing yoga. Lately, we’ve been going to Orange Theory Fitness and love it.

5. What is the best part of being a twin?
This is a hard one! There’s so many wonderful things about being a twin. I’d have to say it’s having a best friend that will always be there for you no matter what.  Now that we have our own little girls, it’s a blast seeing them play and grow up together. We hope that they are always close just like we are.
Now back to these must have bags! This brand new convertible bag collection is comprised of two bag styles: the Byrdie {the cross body shown in today’s post} and the Candace {the perfect mid-sized satchel}. The bags come in classic black and taupe. Once your fave bag style is selected, the mix and match fun begins! Here’s some of the available features for personalization:
1. Flaps & Wraps – Both bags allow you to add a new flap or wrap! From stripes and bright pink to studs and bold red, the Make It Mine purse flaps and wraps are the cutest! For today’s look Lindsay and I traded our flaps for a cute monochromatic look. Here’s all the options for both bag styles. The pink bow version is definitely next on our wish list!

The beauty of this convertible feature is it allows you to instantaneously give your bag a brand new look with minimal cost. Plus you don’t have to take time to transfer all your stuff to another bag. As working moms on the go, this bag is truly amazing. From desk to date night, this purse can do it all!

2. Straps & Tassels – Once you pick out a flap, now it’s time for a strap! I selected the Mix It Up Strap pack in “mixed stripe” that has one strap and clip on tassel set. You can use one alone or both together for even more visual impact. The leopard strap and tassel combo is definitely next on our list. How cute would it be mixed with a pink flap?!? You can see all the options here.

3. Monograms – Did you know that kate spade offers monogramming on several bag options? We sure didn’t! Adding a gorgeous gold monogram to your bag adds such a chic touch that we are all about. All the bags shown here are available for monogramming, including the convertible Byrdie and Candace bags.

4. Stickers – When it comes to extra details to set your bag apart from all the rest, you must visit the new sticker shop! You can choose from gold initials {as shown in the photo above}, symbols and tons of adorable images like a peacock, Eiffel tower, slogans like “Cheers” and so much more.

5. Bag Charms – Last but not least, it’s time to pick out a charm! Whether you need a key ring for your actual set of keys or you’d just like some extra bling on your bag – the bag charm shop has something for you! Lindsay picked out the Majorelle Flower Keychain for her Byrdie bag. Don’t you just love the pop of pink? They are easy to remove and affordable too. Check here for all 14 options currently available.
kate-spade-new-york-make-it-mine-byrdie kate-spade-new-york-make-it-mine-byrdiekate-spade-new-york-make-it-mine-byrdiekate-spade-new-york-make-it-mine-byrdiekate-spade-new-york-make-it-mine-byrdie

 If you are curious how to switch out the flap or wrap for the Make It Mine bags, definitely check out this super helpful video here. It’s so quick and easy! The Candace bag features turn lock hardware that easily allows the wrap to be added or switched. The Byrdie bag has two snaps hidden in the back portion of the bag. All of the other accessories can be added or switched out in mere seconds too. We are all about chic versatility that’s perfect for girls on the go!

Thank you so much for stopping by today to hear all about this adorable collection. We can’t wait to see all the mix and match creations to come! If you have any questions about these new arrivals, please leave a comment below or email us. We are always happy to help. Have a fabulous day!

Thank you to kate spade new york for sponsoring this post. All opinions are our own.


  1. April 17, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    You two are absolutely gorgeous!! So funny how y’all switched places for an entire class period!
    My younger brothers are twins, but are not identical. Watching them grow up together, always made me wish I was a twin.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  2. Annette
    April 17, 2017 / 4:18 pm

    I love both of these looks but that yellow dress is stunning! xx

      April 22, 2017 / 6:41 pm

      Thank you so much, Annette! Totally agree, the yellow shade + eyelet fabric are just a pop of pretty!! 🙂

  3. Carlie
    April 17, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    Love the dresses!!

      April 18, 2017 / 10:30 pm

      Thank you, Carlie! kate spade new york always has the perfect styles!!

  4. April 17, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    What a cool idea for a bag, I love these! And so fun getting to know you two a little more, love this little Q&A.

    Lee Anne

  5. April 17, 2017 / 9:25 pm

    Girls I love these dresses!

  6. April 18, 2017 / 12:28 am

    Just gorgeous! I love how your can customized these Kate Spade bags and really make them your own! And, my twin and I are 7 minutes apart! (but we’re not identical 😉

  7. megg
    April 18, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    So pretty! Love the tassel on the purse!

  8. April 18, 2017 / 4:08 pm

    Y’all are beauties! These bags are so fun!

  9. Liz
    April 18, 2017 / 4:33 pm

    The purses are absolutely adorable! And so are both of you! Love your outfits!


      April 18, 2017 / 10:29 pm

      Thank you so much, Amanda! You are so right! We will be wearing these outfits and bags all spring and summer long for sure! 🙂

  10. April 18, 2017 / 6:21 pm

    These are SO GORGEOUS! I am obsessed! You both are beautiful!

  11. April 18, 2017 / 6:32 pm

    You two are the cutest! Love your summer dresses!

      April 18, 2017 / 10:29 pm

      Thank you so much, Kayleigh! We always love to mix and match kate spade’s prints and pops of color! 🙂

  12. April 18, 2017 / 9:14 pm

    how cute are these outfits! i love the dresses and the bags so much!

      April 18, 2017 / 10:28 pm

      Thank you so much, Miriam!

  13. April 19, 2017 / 1:35 pm

    This new collection is just genius! I love how personalized you can make the bags! SO fun learning more about y’all too!

    By Lauren M

  14. April 19, 2017 / 4:23 pm

    So obsessed with both of your outfits! Kate Spade nailed this collection. Loved hearing about your experiences as twins. I would totally switch places if I had a twin!

      April 19, 2017 / 4:54 pm

      Thank you so much, Tristan! We LOVE being twins and LOVE all things kate spade new york too hehe!

  15. Rabab Zaidi
    April 20, 2017 / 1:24 am

    Love the dresses!

  16. Danielle Cronic
    April 20, 2017 / 1:30 am

    Love your posts and your sense of style! The kate spade dresses and handbags are beautiful on both of you. They are so neat in person especially the bags with all of the options!

  17. Hailey
    April 20, 2017 / 2:03 am

    Love your post! From the sales to the style, they are always fun to see!

  18. Nuvia pineda
    April 20, 2017 / 2:41 am

    You two are so pretty!! Love your posts.

  19. April 20, 2017 / 3:35 am

    Ok, that is the coolest bag ever! I love how you can personalize it! It’s fun to learn those fact about you girls too! You’re both stunning!


  20. April 20, 2017 / 5:06 am

    I love your dresses and your cross body bags are fabulous! And can I share closets with you, too? K, thanks! 🙂

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    April 20, 2017 / 5:34 am

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    April 20, 2017 / 1:05 pm

    The dresses and the bags are beautiful! Great taste! Love that it goes from work, to drinks – so versatile.

  24. April 20, 2017 / 1:22 pm

    First of all – these bags are adorable! I’ve been crushing on the Fendi bag straps for ages and I love that there are so many affordable alternative options out there these days. And second – how funny that you are both different sizes. My husband and his identical twin are also about an inch apart and different size shoes. They also did the switcharoo when they worked at different sleepaway camps and no one was the wiser 🙂 These days they aren’t as identical looking so it’s easier to tell them apart but when they were younger (from what I hear) it was impossible LOL

  25. Ciera Chang
    April 20, 2017 / 3:05 pm

    These summer outfits are absolutely perfect on you two! I love that they go together but express your individual style.

    xoxo, CiCi

  26. April 21, 2017 / 12:29 pm

    This is such a fun post! You two are the cutest!

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    You guys are the cutest. Love how you styled these outfits for spring!

    xo Lacey

  28. Lauren
    April 21, 2017 / 3:16 pm

    I am so in love with this – changing out the straps gives you a world of possibilities (and outfits!)

    Have a great weekend girls!


  29. Brooke B
    April 21, 2017 / 5:44 pm

    Two things: first, I love that you all always find such fun pieces with color! Second, you’re real moms who love a good bargain and pass those savings on to us. Thank u!

  30. Anna English
    April 21, 2017 / 11:27 pm

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  31. Liz
    April 23, 2017 / 4:08 pm

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    April 27, 2017 / 6:34 am

    You ladies always put a smile on my face. So glad I found this blog. You’re style is so chic and it gives me such a cheery and positive vibe. Keep up the incredible style and your passion for fashion really shows. Love these bAgs and don’t even get me started on your dresses y’all. Just to darn cute

  36. Emily
    May 11, 2017 / 2:03 am

    I love the wedges you’re both wearing in this post and saw you wearing them in a couple other posts. Who makes them? They are so cute and would be perfect for a wedding I’m in this summer. Thanks for your help!

      May 11, 2017 / 3:56 pm

      Hi Emily! Thank you so much for saying hi! 🙂 These are some of our favorite wedges. We purchased them last year, BCBG brand. They didn’t restock this year sadly, but I will email you a link to a new version that’s almost the same!
      Lindsay & Whitney