New Tory Burch Spring Arrivals + Promo!

Happy Friday!

We are so excited to share a brand new Tory Burch Promotion with you all!! This is one of the best ones we’ve seen in a while and we are thrilled that many normally excluded items are part of this Spring Buy More Save More promotion! So many new spring arrivals are included too which makes the sale even better.

Starting today through Sunday, March 8th you can get up to 25% OFF Tory Burch bags, shoes, sunglasses and so much more. Today we are going to focus on the top 10 item categories that are included in this sale. But before we get to that, here are the details of this fabulous new tiered promotion.

The only catch is that you need to spend a few more dollars if you are getting a pair of $198 Miller sandals only for the code to work. So to get around this we’ve found several candy items that are all less than $7!

Just add one to your cart and then the code “SAVEMORE” will work! Plus you get FREE shipping and returns too!

This new Fleming camera bag below just came out and we love it!!

Our Top 10 List:

1. Miller Sandals:

Y’all already know we are huge fan of Miller sandals! They are our very favorite style and we love helping you I’ll save money on them! There are so many new colors that are included in this new promotion. Like we mentioned above you need to add a few more dollars of eligible items to your cart if you plan on only getting one pair.

As far as sizing goes, we find them to run true to size. But if you are between sizes go up to the next half size. Otherwise we found them to be way too big when we sized up.

2. Kira Bags

Keira bags are also another favorite style of ours. We are so glad to see that the white, taupe, red and more are included in this promotion.

3. Gemini Bags

Gemini tote bags are a great price and are super sturdy yet light weight. We can’t recommend the style to you enough!

4. Flats:

We haven’t bought any flights lately, but we find them to run true to size and are very comfortable. There are several new colors and styles included in this newest promotion.

5. Miller Clutches:

Another must have on our list would be Miller clutches. They go with so many different things and we are so glad to see that some of the classic colors like black and tan are included in this promotion. The pale gold option is definitely one of one most used!

6. Fleming Bags:

Another great category of items included in the sale would be Fleming bags. The updated quilted style is so gorgeous. The camera bag style is the perfect size and is the fraction of similar style designer bags.

7. Sunglasses:

We also noticed that all sunglasses are included in the buy more save more sale! You will need to add another item to your cart though to get to at least the 15% off / $200 level.

8. Espadrilles:

We always love seeing the new espadrille flats that come out in the spring! Currently we don’t own a pair, but most reviews say they run true to size.

9. Ella Totes:

We were also excited to see that Ella tote’s are back in new colors and prints for spring. We especially love this new cognac leather edged one.

10. Perry Totes:

Another top seller would be Perry totes! Both the original and small version of the bag are included in the sale. They just introduced blue and green to the lineup of pink, red, and navy.

*Also if you happen to get an extra item or two to make it to the next discount threshold {or need two shoes sizes to compare etc.} and you need to return it, you won’t lose the discount that you receive on the other item{s} that you keep. So it’s definitely worthwhile to spend over the $300 or $500 level amounts to get to the 20% or 25% off.



Thank you so very much for stopping by our brand new Tory Burch deal post today. We hope you all find something that you love! If you need any help with picking out an item, definitely don’t hesitate to let us know.

You can always leave a comment below or email us at Have fun shopping the sale and we hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Lindsay & Whitney