Our favorite type of day…sparkly!

The weather was so rainy and grey yesterday evening that we weren’t able to get good outfit shots. So, we decided to bring you an installment of the accessory section of our blog. Despite the weather or the crazy day you are about to have, adding a sparkly piece of jewelry to an outfit always makes the day more fun. It adds a special detail to your personal style. Everyone loves to shine, right? Well, to keep that “yes” a Double Take Girls’ “do” – we offer the following styling tips:

1. Don’t wear more than one cocktail/statement type ring at a time.  One big, sparkly ring (aside from a wedding ring on your other hand) is plenty of bling.

2. Don’t be afraid to wear a bright colored stone, just make sure it has something to do with your outfit (or at least doesn’t clash).

3. Experiment with size, amount and “bling” level of other jewelry items when wearing one piece that draws a lot of attention.  If it would take you ten minutes to take off your jewelry at airport security, you probably have too much on.

4. Don’t be afraid to layer smaller jewlery items to create a “wow” factor.  We have several long, thin strand necklaces that look rather blah by themselves.  But add two or three together, and you now have a new combination that looks like you spent a fortune to get.

5. Don’t shun gold just because you have scary flashbacks of the gold wedding ring era from past decades.  Gold still looks fabulous on a range of skin tones.  It’s a nice way to add a little luxury to an outfit that silver jewelry would otherwise keep as safe. 

Today we wanted to showcase our top favorite cocktail rings. From left to right:

  • Brighton –  Venus ring in pewter (special note, this ring is available in a 5)
  • Loft – gold ring
  • Loft  – grey pave
  • Limited – gold faceted stone
  • Limited- grey faceted stone

 W&L’s advice for the day: Add some sparkle to your day – and don’t forget to smile!