Our Top 30 Fave Walmart Purchases This Year

Happy {Almost} New Year!

We are so excited to bring you all a new roundup today that includes the 30+ best Walmart finds from 2022 that are still in STOCK! From sweaters and jeans to dishes and pillows – we have found so many affordable finds from Walmart this year that you all have loved too! The prices are soooo good and start at just $8 thanks to a HUGE round of markdowns that Walmart just did over the last few days. Sale items are going super fast so don’t wait to check out! Whether you are looking for some new shoes or some decor items for your home – our roundup has a bit of everything!

TIP – Sometimes items look like they are sold out when they really aren’t! *So make sure to click on the SIZE and COLOR you want when it comes to clothing and shoe items. Most likely the item you want is still there once you actually make the selections. Also, keep in mind some prices may fluctuate over the next few days. So just know that at the time of this post the prices listed are accurate.

Also for some more good news! You only have to spend $35 or more for FREE shipping! Or if you are a Walmart+ member like we both are then you can spend any amount and get it shipped for free. Let’s get started!

2022 Best of Walmart Roundup

1. Leopard Tunic Top // TTS // Shop HERE

2. Midi Dress with floral design sleeves // size up 1  // Shop HERE

3. 12 Piece Dining Set // TTS // Shop HERE

4. $22 Gold sandals // TTS // Shop HERE

5. Gold book shelf // Shop HERE

6. $22 Puffer coats // TTS // Shop HERE

7. Black lamp Set // Shop HERE


8. under $15 glass vases // Shop HERE


9. Black and Tan woven baskets // Shop HERE


10. Tufted Bench  // Shop HERE

11. Washable Rug  // Shop HERE

12. $16 Color-block cardigan // TTS // Shop HERE

13. $22 Tufted Pillow  // Shop HERE

14. 20 piece gold silverware set // Shop HERE

15. Quilted bag // Shop HERE

16. Velvet Jacket // Shop HERE

Velvet Pants // Shop HERE

17. Velvet Jumpsuit // TTS // Shop HERE

18. Black Midi Dress // Size up 1 // Shop HERE

19. Wrap dress, tts or size up if between // Shop HERE

20. Midi Dress // Size up if between // Shop HERE

21. Puffer Jackets // TTS // Shop HERE

22. Romper // TTS //  Shop HERE

23. Gold and white blender // Shop HERE

24. Sequin Dress // Size up 1 // Shop HERE

25. Velvet jumpsuit // TTS //  Shop HERE

26. Black Console // Shop HERE

 27. X benches // Shop HERE

28. Ladybird Rug in natural //  Shop HERE

29. Plaid Dress // TTS // Shop HERE

30. Our Gold MK Watch (worn for years and love it! // Shop HERE

Shop the HOME EDIT collection HERE

Shop our roundup below:

There are several other things that made our best sellers list but will save those for a post in January. There truly are so many amazing deals but we didn’t want to overwhelm you all.

Thank you all so much for stopping by our Walmart 2022 roundup today! If you have any questions or need help with anything please don’t hesitate to leave us a question below. We hope you have a fabulous new year!


Lindsay & Whitney