Skincare Must Haves 2019

Hello friends!

We are excited to share a new skincare post with you all today! As many of you all already know, we are HUGE fans of Tula products. We have been using them for almost 3 years now and don’t go a day without them!

We thought it would be a fun post to share an update on our top 9 tried and true products with you all today. We will also share our current AM/PM routine plus a discount code! Let’s get started!

First let’s start with a little bit about our skin. Whitney and I have a history of acne-prone skin, combo / oily with dry patches, and the start of fine lines (eek). Due to Lindsay’s history of cyst prone skin, she has always been so hesitant to try new skincare other than the basics from the dermatologist.

We were introduced to Tula products a few years ago from our blogger gal pal, Katey from Chronicles of Frivolity blog. She is so sweet and the BEST in the beauty blogging world. Her recommendations are always tried and true favorites and are 100% her unbiased opinion. After hearing her rave reviews of Tula probiotic skincare, we were ready to try it!

We noticed a difference in our skin immediately and more importantly the products were not only gentle and effective, they didn’t break us out, wohoo! We truly believe that Tula’s approach to skin care makes a difference. It offers probiotic ingredients that promote the natural balance of the skin flora, supplying anti-inflammatory nutritive elements to our skin.

We were always afraid that anti aging and moisturizing skin care would mean it would clog our pores or break us out. But, THIS LINE has done nothing like that. It’s so exciting to be able to use a skin care line that is gentle yet effective and you don’t have to worry about breakouts.

We can’t do our makeup without the illuminating face serum, it’s SO good. We use all the items in the list below. But, we want to put special emphasis on the multi-spectrum overnight rescue treatment . It makes your skin looks so refreshed and younger. We always use this the night before any photo shoot. We also regularly used the exfoliating treatment mask and the exfoliating treatment pads.

If you are really interested in giving Tula a try for the first time, we recommend trying one of their Starter Kits. This allows you to try several of the BEST items for an affordable price so you can find your own favorites.

Plus, you can use our special discount code “DTG” to get 20% off your order!!

*(minus auto delivery items)

We also want to add that once you buy the full size of items, they will last a long time.

  1. Illuminating Face Serum // Shop HERE

  2. Purifying Face Cleanser // Shop HERE

  3. Multi-Spectrum Skin Rescue // Shop HERE

  4. Aqua Infusion Gel // Shop HERE

  5. Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment // Shop HERE

  6. Exfoliating Treatment Mask // Shop HERE

  7. Hydrating Day & Night Cream // Shop HERE

  8. Dual Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads // Shop HERE

  9. Pro-Glycolic Resufacing Gel  // Shop HERE

Our AM routine: Purifying Cleanser, Aqua Infusion Gel, Illuminating Serum, & Eye Cream

Our PM routine: Purifying Cleanser, Hydrating Day & Night Cream , Eye Cream

Bi-weekly: Exfoliating Treatment Mask, Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment, Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Gel

And they just launched their brightening eye stick this week and we can’t wait to share a review for you all!

Make sure to use code “DTG” at checkout to save 20% off you entire order!!

Please leave us any questions below!


Lindsay & Whitney


Product Photos by Cheyenne Lea Photography

P.S. Some of the Tula products pictured are c/o. Se also purchase additional refills of our products on our own because we love them that much! All options are our own. Thank you for reading our review!