Tangerine and turquoise – a Saturday with W

Warming temps…white jeans…and Saturdays: a perfect combination.  I have to admit, white jeans are one of my favorite items for the spring and summer.  They are the basis of so many of my outfits, ranging from casual to dressy.  So when I could no longer wear my regular white skinny jeans (you can only suffer through unbuttoned pants with the famous “belly bands” for so long), I started having withdrawls!  I headed straight to the internet to search for white maternity jeans.  Who would have thought it would be such a hard task!?!  After ruling out any pair over $80 (just couldn’t justify with only 11 weeks left to go), I was pretty much left empty handed.  Discouraged, I considered buying some regular sized jeans and having my favorite alterations shop sewing an elastic band on them. Just when I was about to do so, I stumbled upon exactly what I wanted at Ann Taylor Loft online! Miraculously my size came back in stock in some jeans I had eyed weeks earlier.  A few days later they arrived, and turned out to be comfy and the perfect fit.  The maternity clothing fairy decided to grant me a wish I suppose.  So my saga to find white jeans comes to and end, fortunately allowing me to get back to my customary outfit pairings that are a staple during the warmer weather.

  • Top, Old Navy
  • Pants, Loft (jeans are currently sold out, but capris are still available)
  • Necklace, J. Crew 
  • Shoes, Target 
  • Bracelet, The Limited
  • Watch, Michael Kors via Dillards