Tory Burch Buy More Save More Promo!! New Bags Included!

Good morning!!

We are so excited that a brand new fabulous $25 off every $100 Tory Burch Private Sale has just started! The sale includes our very favorite new Kira cross body camera bag, Gemini link tote, Miller sandals and so much more!! Sizes and colors are going very quickly though so don’t wait to checkout!

Here’s all the details on the sale:

– Items that are eligible are marked with black text that says “Private sale savings”

– The code “Private” will get you $25 off every $100 spent

– FREE shipping and returns when you sign up for a free rewards account with your email address {it’s super simple}

Now for all our favorite items that are part of this fabulous sale!!!

1. Kira Crossbody Camera Bag

This bag is our absolute new favorite! It looks like a designer bag but for a fraction of the cost. Use the code private to get $75 off HERE! It has been sold out almost every store but we just noticed it was restocked in black and white!!! The pink as fabulous as well.

Definitely don’t wait on checking out with this bag if it’s been on your wish list. It will sell out no time with the promo going on.

Here is the Kira bag in black and ivory!

Size Large Tote

Size Small Tote

2. Gemini Link Canvas Tote

This best selling bag is definitely one of our favorites. It’s the perfect every day bag. You can get it for $50 off with code private. Currently the colors of red, blue and pink are included in the sale. The black and ivory are not included but will let you know if that happens to update before the sale ends. You can also get the small version of the bag in ivory and the coordinating wristlets as part of the sale!

3. Miller Sandals

If you have been following us for any time at all, you already know that Miller sandals are our favorite! They run true to size for us and we find them to be very comfortable and durable. While the classic colors don’t ever go on sale, we are excited to see that this promotion does include many options including white!

Red with gold logo
White with gold logo
Silver Patent Leather
Tropical print
Bright Promander

NOTE: For all all $198 pairs of shoes you will need to add in an eligible item to your cart so that you can get $50 off instead of just $25! We’ve searched for the cheapest items which include these mugs, candy and socks!

**Make sure to pick one of them to add to your cart before checking out. You definitely want to get the full savings that you can! 🙂 **

4. Miller bags

We’ve had the Miller clutch for almost 2 years now and it goes with so many different things. Currently the white version is included in the sale and it’s $50 off with code “private”. We have also linked some additional Miller bags below that are part of the sale.

5. Miscellaneous Bags & Shoes

There are so many other Tory Burch items included in this sale!! Here some of our favorites:

Thank you so much for stopping by our new Tory Burch Deal post today! Please let us know if you have any questions or need help with picking out an item.

P.S. This promo code is good until Monday, April 29th!