Tory Burch Promo Starts Now! | Save Up To $100 On Bags, Shoes + More!

Happy Thursday! We are back with one of our very favorite deals! Starting today you can get $50 OFF + FREE shipping on so many fabulous items from Tory Burch! The promo code works on Miller sandals, York totes in both sizes, the brand new Parker tote and so much more. Plus if you pick out items that total over $400 then you get $100 off your order. Yippee! Here’s the scoop on the top 5 Tory Burch Deals:

1. Miller SandalsAll Miller sandals are included in the promotion. The only thing is you need to spend at least $200 in bags and/or shoes for the $50 off codeNMSAVE” to work. So your best bet is to pick out a pair that is $225 like these gold ones we just bought, or the fringe logo flat Miller sandal here.

These block heel Millers are brand new this season and come in black, tan and red! They are such a gorgeous light gold metallic color that goes with everything! These are definitely our new favorite!

These adorable striped pair is included in the promo but you will need to add something to your order to get it to $200 for the $50 off to work. If you have over $400 in your cart then $100 is take off with code “NMSAVE“.

2. York Totes – Both sizes of the York tote are included! The large size is available in black and gray, both of which we have and love. The small version is only available in light oak. We have a York bag in that color as well and it’s very versatile. They are definitely one of the sturdiest and most durable bags that we have purchased from Tory Burch the last few years. Also, you don’t need to add anything to your cart for the $50 off to work. Just use code “NMSAVEat checkout and voila, $50 off plus free shipping!

York Tote size large, in luggage color


York Tote is size large, in French Gray color

York Tote size large, in light oak color here is size small

3. Parker Tote + Accessories – We were so excited to find out that this NEW Parker tote is included in the promotion! If you don’t already know, the Parker collection just debuted last month. Tory Burch introduced it as an updated version of the York collection. It’s perfect for the busy girl on the go. It fits all your essentials and so much more. We just ordered the tan version and I love it.

The leather is so durable and the straps are very comfortable on the shoulder. It is definitely going to be one of our new favorites. The bag is available in both small and large {we got the large version and it’s perfect}.

It also has a hidden compartment!

To get $50 off the tote in either size make sure to use code “NMSAVE” at checkout! Also, if you add in the matching wallet you will get another $50 off!

4. Gemini Totes – So if you all have followed us for a bit then you know that we love Gemini totes. This new bag comes in six colors and it’s the perfect size and very light weight. As working moms on the go this bag was made for us! The only catch is the promo code doesn’t work on the bag by itself since its $5 short of $200. However if you add in a matching accessory or perhaps some shoes then you can get up to $100 off! (P.S. the monogram keychain is separate in case you’d rather add your own purse accessory.)

We have both the black Gemini tote and grey one and love them!

5. Minnie, Jolie and Laila Flats & More – All Tory Burch flats are included in this promotion which is crazy! The Minnie travel flat is always excluded during sales at Tory So it’s a nice surprise that you can get $50 off this pair. There’s also a new ballet flat called the Laila that looks comfy and adorable. It is also included in the promotion.

If you pick out two pairs of shoes and your cart is over $400 then you will get $100 off with code “NMSAVE” at checkout. The perfect deal to split with a friend! This is the Minnie travel flat below in light oak.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about the promo. Just a reminder that the promo code ends on Sunday, April 2nd at midnight CST.


Have a wonderful weekend!