Tory Burch York Tote Review | Plus How To Save $50!

tory burch large york tote review

Hello lovely readers!

We are so excited to bring you our very first purse review! It’s only fitting that it would be all about our very favorite bag that we talk about on Instagram constantly. It’s the Tory Burch York tote!

This bag can do no wrong in our eyes. With tons of storage, durable saffiano leather and an array of colors to pick from – there is nothing we don’t love about this tote. Here’s a few highlights:

1. Material – All the York bags (both the small and original aka “large” size) are made from saffiano leather. There’s a very slight texture to the bag thanks to the leather choice which makes it perfect to hide any scratches and what not from daily use. But honestly, we haven’t had any of our totes even get a scratch! This leather is awesome and wipes off with a clean damp cloth if you do happen to get something on it.

2. Colors – One of the great parts of this purse is that it comes in a wide variety of colors. It does differ from website to website (, Bloomingdale’s, Saks etc.) but most all department stores carry the red (Kir Royale), black, luggage (cognac), white oak (a very light tan with a pink undertone), black, and navy. Every few months some specialty colors are released. The latest of these are light blue, French gray and gorgeous dark purple. Last summer the special edition colors were bright yellow, pink, and orange. We each bought the pink (which was called “carnation red” funny enough) and it’s so pretty.

3. Size – The bag comes in a small and regular size. The regular size is what we each own and it’s often called the “large” version. To us it’s the normal size of a traditional tote bag. We did order the small size over the summer and it was just too small for our liking. However, if you are a petite person or prefer small to medium sized purses, this one might be a great fit for you. The height isn’t too much different, but there’s a big difference in the width. The regular tote just has so much more storage room so for just $50 more it is a no brainer in our opinion.

4. Storage – Both sizes have a middle zipper pocket that’s great for storing receipts and other items you don’t want floating around in your bag. Each side of the tote has the typical storage pockets. One side has two smaller ones and the other is one that zips. We find that the large bag is great for notebooks and even a laptop. But don’t worry if you don’t plan on using it for transporting stuff to and from work or school. It’s still great as just a normal purse to store the typical makeup bag, wallet, water bottle, snacks etc.

5. Cost – If you don’t already know, the regular size is $295 and the small size is $245. and retail stores never allow seasonal sales and promo codes to work on these bags. Additionally, the staple colors like black, luggage, red, etc. are never marked down. Rarely one of the specialty colors will go on sale. But most likely these colors sell out way before this happens. But the good news is, now until Friday 1/15 you can save $50 OFF EITHER SIZE! All colors are included too. Make sure to use code “newyear” at checkout. Free shipping is automatically applied too. Also, if you don’t have NM in your state then you don’t have to pay sales tax. This saves you over $20!

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luggage // red // light oak // black

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We hope this review has been helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer them. Overall, this bag gets a 10 out of 10 from us. If you have been thinking about getting one, definitely go for it! We promise you will enjoy it.

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