Why I Started My Invisalign Journey

Hello friends!

I’m so excited to share an update with you all, I have started my Invisalign journey! I have wanted to re-straighten my smile for several years and couldn’t be more excited to have started treatment with Orthodontic Arts in Oklahoma City. Today I’m going to share some reasons why I chose Invisalign and also some updates on my treatment so far and what I hope to accomplish with Invisalign.

Why Invisalign?

Like many of us adults, this is not my first round of braces. I had them for several years in middle school/high school. But of course, I didn’t realize the importance of wearing my retainer and my teeth started shifting by my early 20’s. Add in another decade of no retainer use plus two pregnancies and my teeth are far from how they were originally corrected.

Here’s a closer look of how my two front teeth have shifted forward and a bit inward to each other, as well as the side ones have gone more inward. For me personally, I wanted to correct my narrowing and crooked teeth before I had any more changes! Of course, nothing is wrong with my smile – but the idea of regaining the straight smile I was used to was just something I have hoped for the last few years.

My Before:

Because my job involves taking photos and videos pretty much daily, I knew I’d prefer Invisalign to the traditional metal braces. Dr. Birdwell and Dr. Wilson were highly recommended in my community by not only my dentist but also my periodontist and chiropractor. Choosing an orthodontic provider should not be taken lightly and I wanted to use my best option. They have a combined experience of over 40+ years.

Orthodontic Arts is located in Midtown Oklahoma City with an amazing view and the comfort of being in a non-traditional orthodontist setting. I loved how welcomed I felt in the space as well as comfortable asking all of my questions during my consultation. Their staff are not only professional but so friendly. They also take many different types of insurance plans and will work with you on payment plans depending on your family’s needs. How gorgeous is their office space?


While I was learning more about their practice, I really loved how they described their approach to their treatment: ”

Our approach to orthodontics is similar to that of skilled artists: We start with a blank canvas and a vision; we use a palette of the most advanced tools and techniques; and, with expert care, we craft a beautiful, timeless masterpiece.

At Orthodontic Arts, we emphasize healthy smiles. From braces and Invisalign®, to collaborating on surgery for skeletal disorders, we specialize in exceptional quality orthodontic treatments for a variety of dental needs.”

The Orthodontic Arts Orthodontists:

Dr. David Birdwell is a native Oklahoman who attended Oklahoma State University and University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. After practicing general dentistry in the United States Air Force for four years, he returned to the University of Oregon to complete specialty training in the field of orthodontics. Dr. Birdwell has been in the specialty practice of orthodontics since 1987 in Oklahoma City.

Dr. Brian Wilson is a native of western Oklahoma who attended The University of Oklahoma for both his undergraduate and dental studies. After receiving his dental degree, Dr. Wilson practiced general dentistry in Oklahoma City for one year before returning to complete his specialty training in orthodontics at St. Louis University. While in residency, Dr. Brian Wilson was nominated to serve as a representative for residents across the US through the American Association of Orthodontists.

I had the pleasure of meeting them both last month, and they are two of the most professional yet personable practitioners I’ve worked with. I can’t recommend them and their staff enough in meeting you and your families orthodontic needs.

They also have a wonderful website full of helpful information too!

My First Appointment:

After my new patient paperwork and questionnaire, I completed before photos, pre-treatment x-rays, and then a digital scan that makes a 3-D model so that my Invisalign trays could be made without traditional impressions. I was definitely glad to skip that messy part!

After completing the quick and easy 3D scan, Dr. Birdwell or Dr. Wilson and team will set down with you too go over their assessment plus treatment plan options.

Once your trays come in to the clinic, they will go through how to wear your trays and then set up future appointments for when you need to go to your next set. I’m currently set up with the six first trays and I trade them out every 10 days. This works great with my schedule and of course if I ever have questions I can call or text them.

How I’m Doing So Far With Invisalign:

So far I’ve had zero discomfort with the trays and I’ve been so happy with how everything is going! I’m so excited to see the changes in my teeth. As I floss and brush I can tell spacing has improved and I am on my way to getting my straighter smile. Here is a simulation of my treatment from tray 0 to 20. I can’t wait for nmy new wider and straighter smile!

Orthodontic Arts also offers two really neat things I wanted to share with you all today.

First, not only is your in-person consultation free, but you can also book a virtual appointment for your consultation! Here’s a link to start with that here.

In addition to online consultations, they are offering an in-house aligner system called NudgeNudge is the perfect solution to upgrade your smile with minor movements. Starting at just $890, their trained orthodontists adjust your smile with a clear aligner treatment. This cost-effective and convenient treatment is PERFECT for patients with less significant misalignment issues. Nudge is for both teens and adults!

I couldn’t be happier that I started my treatment and I look forward to keeping you all updated! Please leave any questions below that you have and I’d be happy to answer them for you! I look forward to bring you all along the way!



P.S. You can learn more about all the braces options that Orthodontic Arts offers here.

Photos by Amber Borrell Photography

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  1. Klaudia
    April 21, 2020 / 10:52 am

    Thank you for sharing your story and the details of the entire process, it’s very helpful. I’m a busy mom and have been considering getting a second round of braces and think Invisalign is the way to go! It seems pretty simple and like you said, zero discomfort with the trays.

    My question, where is your long cardigan from? It’s perfect for spring.

    Thank you! Love the emails and blog!