DIY Video Class with Lenae Photography!


Hello Lovely Readers~

We have a special treat for you today! Are you a blogger, in a business, or have always wanted to learn how to make amazing videos on your own? We have always been so impressed with vendors, bloggers and even individuals that showcase great videos – be it on their websites, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. But Whitney and I have never had any training and feel clueless when it comes to the art of filming and editing.  After three years of photo blogging, we are SO excited to start a video section on our blog thanks to the amazing help of Lenae Photography based here in Oklahoma! 

Our friend Lindsey of @lenaephotography has created a course that teaches you how to make your own videos in really easy ways that anyone can learn! It’s called DIY Easy Video for your Beautiful Small Business AND SHES GIVING THE FIRST LESSON AWAY FOR FREE when you sign up for her newsletter. How cool is that!?! 

You can also sign up by heading over to her instagram and clicking the link in her profile  or stopping over to her blog! You can also sign up at this direct link: If you fall in love and want to purchase the remainder of the sessions, make sure to use the discount code  DOUBLETAKETWENTY! With this exclusive code our followers will get 20% off, so exciting!! SIGN UP soon at the special price with the discount code because the price goes up $100 on May 1st! If you want some inspiration for videos check out some of Lindsey’s on her website or search Instagram with #lenaevideo! We hope you all sign up and can’t wait to see what you create!!