It’s Whitney Wednesday (and little miss Avery too!)

Welcome to Wednesday Lovely Readers~

Today we wanted to do a snapshot look at the weekend with W and miss A. Isn’t this such a beautiful pair?? W and her hubby, along with their two girls, were part of the parent & child dedication service at their church this past weekend. It was such a special time for all of us! Since we had to take pictures from the aisle during the event, we luckily managed to take a few sweet moment shots from afar. Don’t they look so peaceful? Avery was the best baby up there (of course she was in her sleepy mode – but that still counts as good behavior on stage). You can see older sister K is quite happy to be on stage as well – at least after the service was over that is.  She is a great big sister and loves to “help” in any way she can. Now if she can only remember that crayons are not to be used to color on her little sister’s arms!

We hope everyone has a wonderful day!

W’s outfit: 

-Dress by Calvin Klein via Dillards

-Accessories: Necklace, The Limited; Ring, Coach; and Bracelet, Premier Jewelry

Avery’s outfit: Target (recent)