What We Bought: September {So Far}

Happy Tuesday!

W and I found some great deals over the Labor Day weekend and wanted to share these fabulous finds with you. We each have monthly budgets for shopping – oh the dreaded “B” word – and therefore try to find the best deals for items on our wish list.  Last week W bought this lipstick (she is loving it), and I bought the leopard flats since she already had a pair from last year. W also purchased some magenta faux-suede heels at Payless, but ended up returning since the fit was off. Sometimes you just have to bring an item home to sample pair with items you own to decide whether to keep it or not.  We have to remind ourselves that money saved on not buying an item you don’t love will put money back into your budget for something better. And trust us, there always seems to be a better promo than the last.  

One of our favorite blogs is www.jseverdayfashion.com. Here is a great post she did on how to set a clothing budget. What do you readers think? Do you debate on keeping an item after you bring it home? 

1.) Gap Ponte Dress (shown in striped option below)

2.) Tarte Lipstick

3.) Old Navy Blouse (shown in navy and pink below)

4.) Payless Dexter Flats (so comfy)

5.) Gap Vest