L & W answer your twin questions…

Hi Lovely DTG Followers~

Today we wanted to take time to answer some FAQs we get day to day. Of course, you all know we are best friends and love being twins! Though people get us confused on an almost daily basis, we don’t mind it. With W’s baby bump growing though, there has been less confusion recently. Either way, we embrace the fun of being twins. 

Question 1: Do you all have a lot of the same clothing and accesory items?

Well, we have to say we do have lots of duplicates.  If it is something really fabulous, we both want to have it rather than depending on being able to borrow it from the other sister.  Due to this fact, we have actually shown up at the same place and wearing an almost identical outfit on a few occasions. Though we haven’t dressed in matching outfits since 8th grade (yes, unfortunately you read that correctly), we still manage to surprise each other with the same style looks without even telling the other sis our creative outfit idea.

Questions 2: What is the most fun thing about being twins?

We would have to say it is having your best friend and sister all in one! We embrace being twins and we can’t imagine life without our twin sister, even if it means confusing people on a daily basis. We even get called Windsay and Litney sometimes instead of Lindsay and Whitney. We honestly enjoy every day of it and it never ceases to make us smile (well, except the day in school when someone falsely told W she had a boy voice and L had a girl voice – but hey, high schoolers have a tendency to say random and hurtful things…oh well!). 

Questions 3: Do you always do your own makeup or do you do each other’s?

Oddly enough, we have actually never done one another’s makeup! We do love telling each other what new products to experiment with, but we always do our own individual face.  Something that may surprise readers is that we have never had our makeup professionally done. Our makeup and beauty inspiration comes from Carmindy on TLC’s What Not to Wear and other makeup artist icons that we follow in our favorite blogs and websites.

Question 4: Who does your photography? 

All professional pictures taken for our site content were done by Simon Hurst Photography in Oklahoma City. However, our day to day blog pictures are done by L’s husband. Our fingers were crossed when we started the blog that we would be able to get professional looking daily pictures without spending a lot of time and money. Luckily L’s hubby has found he rather enjoys photography and is falling back on some past training. So a special shout out goes to our in-house photographer that continually wears a smile shot after shot.  

Thanks for joining us today for a L&W Twin Info 101. See you back tomorrow for our regular edition of outfit ideas!