Moon & Lola Giveaway! | + Pink Summer Dresses We Love

Happy Wednesday!

We are so excited to share all about our most worn jewelry pieces with you all today. We get questions ALL the time about our charm bracelets and monogram necklaces. So we thought today would be the perfect chance to talk about these items plus some additional Moon & Lola faves we wear often.

Now for the best part: Moon & Lola has graciously given us the chance to host an amazing GIVEAWAY!!! Keep reading for all the details plus a special promo code just for our readers!

If you are new to Moon & Lola, this jewelry, accessory and lifestyle brand was started by Kelly Shatat {aka Lola} in Greenville, North Carolina. It has grown from a single store to now being sold in more than 1,000 boutiques and department stores around the country!

Lindsay and I discovered this brand back in 2014 and we’ve been the biggest fans ever since. From their signature acrylic monogram pieces and pearl necklaces, to sparkle drop earrings and one of a kind charm bar – Moon & Lola’s creative, on trend and colorful items are aimed to create happiness!

Now that we’ve shared some background information, let’s talk about the three most asked about Moon & Lola items that we wear.

1. Preston Charm Bracelet

Our number one most asked about accessory that we wear is definitely the Preston charm bracelet! It’s such a gorgeous combo of pearl, monogram disc and chunky links. It’s the perfect statement maker and goes with all out outfits.

The Preston charm bracelet is a classic with your choice of a cotton pearl or rhinestone ball and a Dalton charm that can be worn at any occasion. The color and size of the Dalton Charm will also determine the color and size of the cotton pearl.

Charm Measurements (approximate):
Small Dalton charm – 0.75″ // Small Cotton Pearl – 0.5″

Medium Dalton charm – 1″ // Medium Cotton Pearl – 0.6″

Large Dalton charm – 1.25″ // Large Cotton Pearl – 0.8″

Lindsay and I love our bling so we went with the size “large” cotton pearl and Dalton disc. You can actually see a close up photo of this exact combo on the Moon & Lola homepage here. Isn’t it so classy?!? It’s available in both gold and silver.

2. Cheshire Monogram Necklace

We love wearing this monogram necklace so much! It literally goes with everything and we each always get so many compliments on them both on the blog and in real life. While it is an investment piece, this hand-drawn and hand-cut monogram necklace is definitely worth every penny!

It’s available in several metal and size options. We each have the gold finish “large” in the 16 inch chain option. It’s perfect!!

Monogram Size Options:
Mini – 1/2″
Extra Small – 3/4″
Small – 1″
Medium – 1 1/4″
Large – 1 5/8″
Extra Large – 2″

Chain Length Options:
Standard – 16″ with a 3″ extender
Long Gold Filled/Sterling Silver – 24″ with a 3″ extender
Long 14K – 20″ with a 4″ extender

Metal Options: Gold filled (sterling silver with gold finish), Sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, and 14K rose gold

3. Versailles Earrings

We love wearing these filigree disc earrings! They are an intricate design combined with a rich finish make that come in both gold and silver. They are lightweight as well which we love! They are just $40 as well making them a perfect gift idea {and for you too of course LOL}. From dressy to casual, these earrings add a perfect touch.

Make sure to use our special code “TDTG25” to take 25% off your entire purchase at Moon & Lola!!! This is such an amazing discount code our accessories that you will wear daily and love!


Now it’s time to chat about these oh so fun pink summer dresses that are also 40% off right now!

Lindsay’s Pink Stripe Dress Outfit Details:

Lindsay is wearing this pink stripe shift dress in her regular size, but the tall version (available here). We tend to like dresses that aren’t too short when sitting down, but this dress is also available in petite and regular size. It’s so comfy and the prettiest shades of pink, coral, yellow and purple stripes! Make sure to use code “newnow” to save 40% on this dress.
Whitney’s Pink Floral Dress Details:
I am wearing this new floral ruffle tie waist dress that is now 40% off with code “newnow”. Like Linds, I opted for the tall version of the dress for a bit more length. (The regular length version has great reviews too!) The chiffon fabric is lightweight and comfortable and would look great dressed up or down all summer long. You can shop my wedges and bag in the widget above. I also added these oh so pretty M&L pink tassel earrings to complete the look.

Now it’s time for the fabulous Moon & Lola GIVEAWAY!

Now that we’ve shared all about our most worn pieces, it’s time to tell you all about the amazing Moon & Lola giveaway. One lucky winner will be gifted their very own Cheshire Monogram Necklace, Preston Charm Bracelet AND Versailles Earrings! Yes, you read that right!! All our jewelry faves will go to one very lucky girl!

To be entered into this drawing, leave a comment below letting us know about your favorite Moon & Lola item. You will also get a 2nd chance to enter this fabulous giveaway on our Instagram photo tonight {6/13} at 8pm CST. The winner will be randomly selected on 6/20 and will be posted here and on social media. GOOD LUCK!

Thank you so much for stopping by our sister style jewelry post today! We hope you all enjoyed hearing about all our favorite Moon & Lola favorites.

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