Rain or Shine – Bright Colors Always Cheer Us Up

 Welcoming March weather comes with both days of rain and shine. We love a color that makes us feel sunny. A fun top in a bright color always seems to cheer us up. When picking out a yellow tone, make sure to find one that brings out your natural skin tone. Be careful that it doesn’t wash you out, or bring out redness in the skin etc. Our L&W shopping tip is take a picture of yourself when trying on top options before purchasing. This will help you to make sure it brings out your coloring, and doesn’t make you look blah…like a rain puddle.

  • Tops, Old Navy, recent
  • Scarves, The Limited
  • Pants, W’s: The Limited, L’s: Ann Taylor
  •  Eyes: Urban Decay Nude Palette
  • Umbrella, Ross