W’s Favorite Colors

  • Blazer, The Limited
  • Pants, The Limited, recent
  • Top, Gap
  • Watch, DKNY via Dillards
  • Purse, Coach, recent

As a dark haired, fair skinned girl (yes, I have been called a host of other adjectives growing up – casper and pasty being a few – but I prefer "porcelain" personally) I have always heard “red looks so great on your skin tone.” Perhaps that’s why I have gravitated to it ever since I was a teenager. So now when I reach for a dependable color to liven up an office or weekend look, red always seems to be my  number one choice. Today’s outfit was put together based on the desire to be comfy – queue in the gray and white striped knit top and stretchy black skinny pants – pulled together by my favorite red item: a chic red ponte jacket.  This jacket is one of my favorites since ponte is fabulous about not wrinkling, in addition to allowing you to move without restriction.  One of DTG’s rules of dressing is making sure you don’t feel constricted or uncomfortable in an outfit. Ponte fabric is definitely on our approved list!