W’s classic combo: your never fail solution!

Sometimes even the most creative minds run out of ideas for an eclectic outfit – and Mondays are often one of those days.  If you find yourself in a rush to get dressed for a weekend event or workday, I suggest falling back on dressing basics.   A bright colored shift dress is simple to slip on and requires minimal accessories.  For today’s look, I added my staple three-strand pearl necklace and matching bracelet.  The navy polka dot trench adds some interest without making it look like I tried too hard (but not that I rolled out of bed either).  Classic patterns like this trench features, paired alongside a streamlined dress and nude colored pumps, is a no fail recipe for a pulled together look even when you only have a few minutes.

Now for my friends curious about my tips and trips for maternity dressing, here’s one of my staple suggestions: just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to lock up your closet of regular sized clothing items.  For example, this red shift dress in not maternity, but the boxy style provides a few extra inches in the waist – perfect for accommodating my 2nd trimester belly.  Granted, I won’t be able to wear it in a week or two as it seems my stomach is rapidly expanding.  But getting a few wears out of a currently owned item such as this will keep you from feeling like all of a sudden your closet is out of order.  Nine months of pregnancy sounds like forever, but in reality it goes very quickly.  Mixing and matching items from both realms of clothing will keep you from feeling like you have to rush out to buy a whole new wardrobe.

  • Dress, The Limited (similar item here)
  • Trench, Forever 21
  • Shoes, Payless
  • Bag, Coach
  • Necklace and earrings, The Limited (similar item here)
  • Bracelet, Premier
  • Watch, DKNY via Dillards